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    About Blacklist Lookup

    The Blacklist Lookup is an all-in-one tool that looks up the IP address of a website to see if it is on an anti-spam database. Use it to verify for yourself if your website is banned on a specific database. Also check to see if it is flagged by any.

    This is a great SEO tool and you can access it by simply entering the address of your website and clicking on the checker button to start the search and see the results of the Blacklist Lookup.

    This Blacklist Lookup Tool is provided free of charge as one of our SEO tools to see the status of your website’s IP across a number of databases. There’s no need to download any software on to your PC or device either. The Blacklist Lookup is your hassle free way to look up your website instantly.


    Why Should You Use The Blacklist Lookup?

    It’s a good idea for a website owner to check how their website stands on these databases. If you aren’t doing any spamming yourself, but your website is registered as a spam site, it can seriously damage your reputation. Nobody wants that so check for yourself if your website is listed on a database. Find out just which database your IP is blocked or flagged on and what changes you should make to get off of that list and restore your reputation.

    The IP address of a website can be blacklisted as a website people use for illegal or otherwise unwanted online activities. If this happens then you can make changes and fix the problem using a handy tool like this to see what databases flag your website like this.

    If you want to see of your IP address is being blocked or blacklisted by a database for illegal activities then it’s best you use the Blacklist Lookup today!