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    About Dmoz Listing Checker

    Best Online DMOZ Listing Checker

    This SEO analysis tool checks DMOZ registration of a website and is readily accessible online. Even if you are a newbie to internet marketing, this tool allows you to perform in-depth SEO analysis as a professional and regularly delivers results. DMOZ entry is considered essential for a site to appear high in the rankings for SEO. DMOZ Listing Checker tool is very useful as it can quickly turn a check and say whether your site is listed in the DMOZ Directory or not. You can easily install this tool using a special shortcode.

    Why is it Advisable to Use this Tool?

    A real reason you should get this tool for your website is because it is crucial to get your website or blog listed in the DMOZ directory. It is also called Open Directory Project and is considered essential for your site to be listed. Before you submit your site to DMOZ, it's necessary to know the exact category to use because if you list your website on the wrong one, you may likely get penalized. To avoid such mistake, you should check the relevant sections such as the category, options and ultimately choose the right section for directory submission. Google sees DMOZ as one of the most popular sources for directory listing. Another important point you may not know is that Google’s directory is also listed in DMOZ directory.


    We provide the best DMOZ Listing Checker Tool

    One good thing about this tool provided by Call SEO Tools is that you can install it in just a few seconds. To use Dmoz Listing Checker Tool, you’ll have to provide the URL of your website and then wait for a few seconds to know if your site is listed or not. We’ve made this tool easy to use, and therefore, you will not encounter any issues regarding this tool because we have tested it and it has proven to work in an excellent condition. Our team has made sure that it delivers accurate results efficiently. We’ve also made it possible for you to enter as many URLs as you want to save your time. Once you know where you stand with the result generated, you can make an effort to do what’s right to get better ranking and more benefits.

    Benefits of using this tool

    • Using this tool helps you prepare ahead for your SEO campaigns. It lets you check if you should proceed with your campaigns or not.
    • As soon as you get the information you need, you can continue the campaign that you paused and also have time for other SEO activities
    • Another benefit of using this tool for your DMOZ listing is that a high ranking is guaranteed on google if done properly. It’s good to have a real source for quality links than having thousands of unsafe links that will hurt your site ranking.