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    About Domain Authority Checker

    The Domain Authority Checker is a tool you can use to measure the authority of a domain, just as the name suggests. It works instantly by giving you a preview of how your website ranks using various analytics. All you have to do is input the URL into the box and hit the check button and you’ll have instant results.


    The Domain Authority Checker does just what it says, and will tell you just how strong a presence your website has. You might think this tool is hard to use but it really isn’t. There isn’t even any software to download to your computer or device. All you have to do is type in, or copy and paste, the URL of your website and let Domain Authority Checker do the rest of the work. It only takes seconds and gives you an instant insight into your website. This includes metrics from analytic websites such as MOZ.


    If you’ve been marketing for a while then it’s a good idea to see how much your work is paying off for you. The authority of a domain is scored between 0 and 100, with 100 being the highest. This metric was developed by MOZ and lets a website owner get an idea of how dominant their website is on a worldwide market. The Domain Authority Checker also tells you how your website ranks on search engines too.


    You can use the Authority Domain Checker to see how your website fares when compared with other websites too. You can see the reasons they rank higher than you, allowing you to regain that edge. In fact you can even use it whenever you want to get a glimpse at how your websites rank changes over time. So you’ll get a good idea at what the steps you take do for your ranking.


    So if you want to get an instant look into your website to better you SEO don’t neglect the chance to use the Domain Authority Checker today!