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    About Link Price Calculator

    The Link Price Calculator is the tool you need to get an estimate for how much you should charge per month to create a text link ad for a URL. It can be used as an SEO tool to calculate how much you should also be paying for a text link ad if you are interested in advertising on a website. This helpful tool is super easy to use because you don’t need any prior technical or programming knowledge. All it takes to use the Bulk Link Price Calculator is to just copy and paste the URL you are checking into the interface, or just put it in manually.


    When you check the price you need to consider several factors such as the Alexa Traffic Rank of the website, as well as the number of backlinks and the age of the website. These are just some of the most important things to consider when calculating the value of a link or URL. If you need instant results you can depend on the Link Price checker used by both website owners and internet markets for their websites.


    You should note that your results will not be as precise when you use a third-level domain such as ‪tocomedy.blogspot.com‬. If you want to check several URLs then you need to divide them up so you can get accurate results for each link’s price. The results for a second level domain may also be inaccurate.


    The Link Price Calculator is still a great SEO tool to allow you to find out the price of a URL instantly. All it takes is for you to input the URL you want o check. There is a little more to finding the price of a URL but this is a great start.


    So use the Link Price Calculator today!