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    About Link Tracker

    These days it’s not enough to just build quality backlinks. You also have to monitor your site’s backlinks to avoid being punished by Google and other search engines, which are known to de-index websites because they have “spammy” backlinks.

    To find out more about your backlinks take a look at our Link Indexer Tool.

    Webmasters need to keep a close eye on their site’s backlinks to stop it from having spammy backlinks. There’s actually a chance that right now your competitors will be creating low-quality backlinks to your site. It’s a seedy tactic to reduce your rankings. Now you’re likely wondering how you can trace backlinks.

    The answer to your problems is the free online Link Tracker Tool from CallSEOTools. This tool can find backlinks to your site and tell you if they are helping or hindering your site. You’ll be provided with a host of information about the backlink including the anchor text, whether the link is active or not, and if the page in question is indexed by Google.