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    About Network Speed Tester

    Everyone who hooks up to the internet is curious about how fast their internet speed is. Many of us pay pretty hefty fees to our internet providers and we want to know if we’re getting a good deal; not to mention the internet speed we were promised.

    Call SEO Tools has put together a free internet speed test tool that can tell you just how fast your internet connection is. Just press the “Begin Test” button and our bots will automatically assess your internet connection speed. This includes your average, minimum and maximum upload and download speeds. Unlike other similar tools this one only needs a few seconds to give you 95% accurate results.

    Let’s assume that you pay to get a 10MB internet connection. You’re curious to know if you actually get that and want to find out. You can use our tool to get an accurate estimation about your internet speed. It doesn’t matter if you’re running on broadband, local internet, or a Wi-Fi enabled USB device. This Call SEO Tools will be able to provide you with accurate information about your connection.

    The most common question asked by internet users is how fast their internet is. Unfortunately it’s impossible to give an accurate answer to that question. The CallSEOTools experts have been hard at work day and night to put together this great Internet Connection Speed Test tool for internet users. You can check your speed as often as you want, no matter your ISP. It’s completely free for life and there’s no need to sign up for anything, download anything, or pay a registration fee.

    You can call your ISP and ask them what your speed is but you’ll never be satisfied unless you can know for sure. That’s why you need to test your connection speed for yourself and can see just how quickly your computer downloads and uploads things to the internet. The best way to do this is through this CallSEOTools tool.

    No matter if you’re from Brazil, Turkey, the US or the UK, it’s important for you to regularly check your connection speed with the help of the Call SEO Tools Internet Speed Test. Don’t hesitate to contact your ISP or even consider changing ISP if your internet speed is far below what you were promised.