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    About Page Size Checker

    The Page Size Checker is a great SEO tool for finding out the size of your website page. It tells you how big your website is in kilobytes. This is a tool that is designed with people who want to know how big their website is in mind.


    The size of a webpage is the determining factor in how quickly (or slowly) a URL loads in search engines. So in order to find out the size of your web page, just use the Page Size Checker. It’s easy to use all in one tool that measures the size of your site in one click. There’s no need to know any computer code either. Just put your URL in and away you go. Best of all; it’s completely free!


    All you have to do is just copy and paste the URL you want to check and hit the check button. It takes just a few seconds to get the results back to you. When you learn the size of your page you can decide on what changes, if any, need to be made. You definitely need to make some if your web page is too big as then it takes too long to load.


    Use the tool to avoid slow loading websites today! Users will not wait long for a website to load. They give up on a website in less than a second! Everyone is busy so use this tool to give them a fast loading website that is still full of the information they need. If you do that they’ll keep coming back for more.


    It’s super easy to use the Page Size Checker too. There’s no software involved. It’s all done online through the website so just give it a go today to find out how big your website is.