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    About Social Stats Checker

    Social Stats Checker is a great SEO tool designed by Call SEO Tools. The tool helps you to understand your social media presence. It generates a report of statistics about your social media accounts to tell you how many social signals you’ve got. Just enter the URL of your site into the box and the free tool takes care of everything. It presents you with details of your social signals in a neatly organized manner.

    This free SEO tool currently tells you how many likes, shares and comments you’ve received on the most popular social networking platforms including Facebook, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

    In order to reach a truly global audience and generate plenty of traffic you need to improve your presence on social media. You should use our free Social Stats checker to get a better picture of your social media presence and how you can improve it.

    You could also use this free tool to assess the sites of your competitors. That way you can understand how much of the social share your competitor has. You can then use this information to attempt to provide more social signals than your competitor and move up the rankings. Having proper SEO and adding more social signals to your site will push you ahead of your competition.

    The Social Stats Checker from Call SEO Tools is also being used by online marketers to see if their social signals improve after they buy a premium service designed to increase social signals. With people offering social signals for as little as $5 on websites like Fiverr, anyone who purchases such services would want to be able to check that they received social signals or not. You can do just that with our free tool!

    The Call SEO Tools Social Stats Checker is a tool you can use quickly and reliably without having to sign up or register for a service. It can be run on just about every browser and operating system to provide you with quick and accurate results. This free SEO tool will help you analyze your social stats and get a better understanding of which social channels are working and which ones need improvement.