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    About Search Engine Spider Simulator

    Have you ever pondered what search engines see when they take a gander at your website? There is really a touch of data that search engine spiders don't see, and the way your website is seen when indexed via search engines is altogether different than what you (or your website guests) will see.

    With this tool, basically enter the URL and click a catch to see your website through the "eyes" of a search engine spider. You may be astounded to observe that content in light of Flash or JavaScript is for all intents and purposes imperceptible, and pictures.

    Taking a gander at your website through this point of view can offer you some assistance with finding imperfections in your web plan that can keep your website from being introduced to focused search engine clients as an important result.

    How it Works?

    A great deal of Content and Links showed in a website page may not really be noticeable to the Search Engines, eg. Streak based content, content created through javascript, content showed as pictures and so on.

    This tool Simulates a Search Engine by showing the contents of a website page precisely how a Search Engine would see it.

    It likewise shows the hyperlinks that will be taken after (crept) by a Search Engine when it visits the specific website page