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    About Text To Speech Converter

    Many people need a Text-To-Speech (TTS) convertor tool. Unfortunately a lot of these tools are premium and out of the price range of those people. There’s no need to worry about cost though as CallSEOTools have launched their own free-to-use Text To Speech convertor tool.

    Our special TTS tool gives you the ability to turn any piece of text into the spoken word. This tool already works with 26 different languages including US English, UK English, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Greek, French, Germany and more.

    You can convert any number of characters into the spoken language and open up brand new ways to interact with your online visitors.

    The CallSEOTools Text to Speech convertor has a range of great features. There’s no need to install anything or sign up to a premium account. You don’t even need Flash Player to use our Text to Speech convertor. It works great on both desktop and mobile platforms and you can even pause, resume, and stop the speech.

    CallSEOTools is currently the only online platform that are providing these free premium tools to people around the world and we will keep providing these tools for free forever.