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  • Urdu Typing Tool

    a ا b ب
    p پ t ت
    T ٹ C ث
    j ج c چ
    H ح K خ
    d د D ڈ
    Z ذ r ر
    R ڑ z ز
    X ژ s س
    x ش S ص
    J ض v ط
    V ظ e ع
    G غ f ف
    q ق k ک
    g گ l ل
    m م n ن
    w و o ہ
    h ھ u ء
    i ی y ے

    About Urdu Typing Tool

    Call SEO Tools have put together and released a world class Urdu Typing Tool. You’ll be able to use this free online Urdu Keyboard to quickly and easily write in Urdu. If you’re not sure how to use the keyboard to write in Urdu then there’s no need to worry. We’ve put together a unique feature that allows you to select Urdu alphabets by using your mouse.

    Our tool is different from the other ones on the market as it is completely user-friendly and there’s no need to download software or register with a website. You can use our Urdu Typing Tool anywhere you’d like at any time!

    All the latest computers, tablets and laptops come equipped with English keyboards that can make it difficult for an Urdu writer to provide content written in Urdu. Now there’s no need to buy an additional keyboard thanks to this great Urdu Writing Tool by CallSEOTools.