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    About URL Encoder / Decoder

    URL encoder/decoder

    Uniform Resource Locator specification only accepts a small set of character for Writing URL. By using this tool in the right way, we can write the URL to confirm that the URL specified standard (RFC 1738) is met. URL Encoder/Decoder Tool does an incredible job by encoding and decoding URLs so that the URLs (RFC 1738) standard is met. Characters which cannot be converted to the standard one are replaced with % and a hexadecimal number of 2 digits found in all ISO characters. The tool is freely used to decode encoded JavaScript URLs.

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    How to use the URL encoder/decoder tool

    URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the Internet address of a website and serves a small set of characters for writing URL. To check if the URL is written to the specified URL carrier (RFC 1738), the use of tools like RL encoder/decoder. The tool works in a way that will make your URL to be compatible with the specified URL (RFC 1738) and can be used to respond to a Web site. The characters that are not in compliance with the specified URL are replaced by the % symbol ​​and a hexadecimal number of 2 digits contained in the character. To use this tool, enter the details of the URL and the tool will encrypt and decrypt the URL. With the aid of the result, a user knows the characters to replace to meet the standard URLs specification.

    Use this tool today and skyrocket your SEO campaigns

    SEO tools have a significant effect on the performance of sites in search engines. It is, therefore, necessary to use the Best SEO Tools to get a high ranking on search engines. Call  SEO Tools are one of the top notch sites that offer quality tools that will improve your site with outstanding features. We also provide the encoding/decoding tool that can easily be accessed from any browser. This powerful tool encode and decodes URLs and enables the site owner to see the character that doesn’t meet the standard URL format.

     Aside encoding and decoding of URL, this tool that we provide can encode and decode Java scripts as well. What the user has to do is just to submit the javascript of the site, and the tool will do an excellent job in a few seconds.

    Encoding /decoding URL is a necessary part of SEO

    Encoding and decoding of website URL are important because many users do not understand Unicode text. Therefore, encoding the URL will it easier for servers to interpret your website URL and also help users to have access to your website

    Encoding and decoding of URL are also required if the site owner has to do with forms. Forms use two methods which are the GET and POST to pass parameters between different HTML pages and URLs must be implicitly encoded in these cases.

    The use of encoding/decoding tool makes it possible for site owners to use forms. For example, if the form has a data like “my name is megakits” using the GET method, internet users will see the URL as


    So to encode this URL, the site owner can utilize the tool mentioned above. The tool will encode and decode the URL so that the site owner can easily understand what the data that was transmitted from the URL.