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    About What is my Browser

    The Browser Checker tool is a most useful tool that empowers you to check your web browser with its present variant; it is the extremely helpful tool on the off chance that you don't think about your browser sort and its rendition. This tool will consequently get critical web browser information and display to you. It will likewise check for your browser and module introduced to it. On the off chance that it finds any spam extension or module presented on your browser, it will expand the caution by alarming you to erase that extension.


    What is my browser? This tool will let you know

    •             Whether or not JavaScript is empowered

    •             Whether or not, the browser is tolerating treats

    •             Your screen determination

    •             Your browser's measurements

    •             Whether or not Flash is introduced

    •             Whether or not Java is introduced

    •             Your client specialises string

    •             Your dialect inclination

    The tool additionally gives you a link to copy and glue for a bolster individual or a companion. That makes it the ideal tool to hand off to your grandma who can't get Gmail to stack or that irritating fellow in the area who supposes you're technical support because you chip away at a computer.


    It's nothing that a developer would require. However, it's such a significant amount of less demanding to say "go here and send me the link" than attempting to ask somebody who isn't happy with computers every one of