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    About Wordpress Theme Detector

    Have you ever looked at a WordPress website and found yourself wondering what WordPress theme the website is using?


    There are many SEO tools out there that you can use online and one of the best is WordPress Theme Detector. This free tool can detect which WP theme a website is using. WordPress Theme Detector is also able to tell you which plugins the website is using as well as which theme it is. This means that you won’t have to spend your time manually looking through the website to find out which theme and plugins it uses. When you run across a WordPress theme that you like you can now effortlessly find out which one it is through the use of the WordPressThemeDetector.


    This tool makes things much easier for trendy WordPress users such as yourself who want to stay up to date with the trending WordPress themes. It also helps you discover which themes are bringing in the most traffic. While the theme isn’t the sole reason that a website gets a lot of traffic it can be a contributing factor.


    One of the best parts about the WordPress Theme Detector is that it doesn’t’ cost you a penny to find out anything about a page. Just enter the URL of the WordPress site that you are interested in and you’ll get your results in seconds. This gives you a way to find out everything about the theme and plugs a website uses without having to spend any money.


    With the help of this tool you can update your own pages using the best themes without any cost at all to you. You can keep your pages updated and functional by finding themes and plugins that work on other sites and using them on your own. This tool can even help you keep up with more financially capable competitors.


    The only thing you need to make use of the WP Theme Detector is an internet connection. There’s no need to purchase or download any software. Just load up the site and enter the URL in the textbox provided. After that just hit “Submit” and you’re well on your way to finding out the name of the theme and the author and any other information about a customised theme if available. The results also include information about the plugins that the website uses to give you a better understanding of the page. You can use these results to optimise the same theme and plugins across your own sites to make them more functional and effective.


    What are you waiting for? Give WordPress Theme Detector a go today!