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    Check GZIP compression

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    About Check GZIP compression

    With GZIP Compression your web server can load smaller file sizes extremely quickly. Websites load quickly and efficiently with GZIP compression. This higher speed means that less bandwidth is used by the website. All the best websites are focused on improving page speed because this is one of the most important factors that Google uses when ranking search results. Enabling compression is the quickest and easiest way to increase page loading times.

    GZIP compression can be enabled through htaccess, Nginx, Litespeed web servers and Apache.

    How to Use the GZIP Compression Test Tool

    After you set up GZIP Compression on your website you need to make sure that your web server is sending the GZIP enabled header. You can do that by using the

    Check GZIP Compression Tool by Call SEO Tools to find out quickly if your website is running GZIP or not. Using this tool is as simple as inputting your website URL into the box and clicking submit

     Our tool will take care of the rest and let you know if the web server is properly sending GZIP command to users or not.