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    Donate Button Generator

    Add a donate button to your website

    Note:   Paste the above code before closing your body tag and also Jquery library is required to execute the code.


    About Donate Button Generator

    Many people have no problem donating their money and donating money online is becoming increasingly popular. One of the main ways that websites and individuals accept donations is through a PayPal donate button. These buttons can be placed where on a website and if you’re interested in creating a PayPal donate button then why not use the PayPal Donate Button Generator?


    What is the PayPal Donate Button Generator?

    The PayPal Donate Button Generator is a great tool for creating your own PayPal donation button that you can place anywhere on your website. If you take donations so that you can pay for your website then just place this button on the website. It’s super simple to create a PayPal Donate Button of your very own with the generator.


    You can also customise the PayPal Donate button to your personal needs as you work through the generation process.


    How to Use PayPal Donate Button Generator

    It couldn’t be simpler to use the PayPal Donate Button Generator. You can use the tool to customise the button in any way that you see fit and create a button that is ready for use instantly. Here’s the easy process that you should follow in order to use the PayPal Donate Button Generator;

    • Start out by first opening up the PayPal Donate Button Generator tool
    • There are a number of ways that you can customise the button to your needs
    • You can alter the background color of the button as well as the color of the text
    • You can alter the text on the button to match your needs
    • Next you choose the position of the button
    • After you have customised your button you need to put in your PayPal email so that it can work
    • There are two final options after all of this; you can generate the button or open up a live preview. The live preview will show you what the button will look like and provide you with a code
    • Just insert this code into the HTML of your website and you’re good to go

    This is all there is to generating a PayPal Donate Button of your very own.


    Why You Should use the PayPal Donate Button Generator

    The PayPal Donate Button Generator is a great way to create your own donate button for your website and you can alter the button so that it matches your needs. The button that you generate comes with the following features;

    • This PayPal button can be used to accept donations through either credit/debit cards and through PayPal itself
    • There’s no need for the person making the donation to have a PayPal account of their own

    Tips for Beginners

    While it’s easy to use the PayPal Donate Button Generator you need to be careful when you use the code otherwise it may not work correctly. Here are some tips for beginners to keep in mind;

    • Ensure that the code is pasted above the closing of the body text
    • For the code to work properly your website needs to be running jquery

    The PayPal Donate Button Generator is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create a donate button for your website. It creates the code for you and all you need to do is paste the code directly into the HTML document of your website. Give the PayPal Donate Button Generator a go for yourself today to see how easy and effective it is!