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    About Grammar Checker

    As a writer it is your job to write great top quality articles that people would be happy to pay for. Depending on what you need the writer to do a native English writer could charge you up to $30 for 500 words of content, while someone who is simply fluent in the language will charge you up to $10 for 500 words.

    If you’re interested in becoming a writer then you have some improving to do. Luckily there are online tools that can be used to improve your writing. There are three things that every writer needs to remember. They are:

    1.  Talk to the Reader

    As a writer you need to be writing articles that make a reader feel like they are being spoken to personally. It should read like the two of you are having a conversation. This means framing sentences properly and writing articles that make sense to those who read them.

    2.  K.I.S.S (keep it short and simple)

    You want to avoid being complicated with your vocabulary. English might be a beautiful language, and there may be a million words in the English language, but most people who read your articles will not have an expansive vocabulary. Try and write simple sentences that a tenth grader at the very least would be able to understand.

    3.  Grammar

    It is important that your article has proper grammar. Grammar is the life and soul of your article and it can make it or break it. Here’s a quick example; “Proofread you’re essays to ensure proper grammar”. Can you tell what’s wrong with that sentence? It uses the contracted “you’re”, which means “you are”. Reading the sentence properly shows it makes absolutely no sense.

    In order for that sentence to work properly you would have to use “your”. I hope you can understand what I mean about how important grammar is because an article with bad grammar is nothing short of garbage.

    How to Improve your Grammar

    There are a number of different ways to improve your grammar. You need to make it a habit to read English websites and observing how they are written to understand grammar. You can also use online tools to help you improve your grammar as you write.

    We’ll be taking a closer look at the second option because it presents a great way to actively improve your grammar skills rather than hoping for a miracle. In fact we have our very own grammar checking tool you can use to take your writing skills to the next level.

    Using the Grammar Checker Tool

    It’s really simple to use the Grammar Checker tool. Just follow these simple steps;

    1.  Copy the article and paste it directly to the Grammar Checker, or just upload the article you would like to have a grammar check performed on

    2.  Choose which language and accent you are writing in

    3.  Click submit and wait for the results

    Please note; the tool uses red to highlight spelling mistakes and yellow to highlight grammatical errors.