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    Paraphrasing Tool

    Paste (Ctrl + V) your article below then click Submit to watch this Paraphrasing Tool do it's thing!


    About Paraphrasing Tool

    Do you find yourself needing to rewrite articles but you’ve not got enough time to do it? Thanks to this incredible Paraphrasing Tool your article will be turned into an original article free of plagiarism. Rewriting content is a fact of life for everyone who performs writing work online.

    It’s not easy to rewrite articles at times. Rewriters must create original content while still keeping the original meaning of the article. It can take a lot of time and effort to do so and sometimes you may need to have it done for you by a paid professional.

    How Does the Paraphrase Tool Work?

    The paraphrase tool works quickly and effectively; following a very simple process.

    All you need to do is copy and paste the article into the tool and click the rewrite button to receive your rewritten article.

    The tool uses an algorithm to replace words with synonyms to create an original piece of text. The tool also highlights the replaced words, with bright colors to make it easy for you to tell which ones have been rewritten.

    Clicking on a rewritten word brings up three options. You can choose to accept the word, reject it, or replace it with a synonym of your own choosing. Make sure that you go through the entire article before accepting the rewritten text.

    If you want to rewrite the whole thing all over again then just click the rewrite button again to create another rewrite of the text. When everything is all said and done just copy the new text and paste it where you need it, such as a Word document.

    Things to Keep in Mind

    You should never create many different versions of a single document because this is really bad for SEO. You also need to ensure you read through the article before you accept it. The paraphrase tool is great at choosing synonyms but there’s a chance the completed document doesn’t read properly. Give it the human touch to ensure everything reads normally and is grammatically correct.

    Benefits of Paraphrase Tool

    • The Paraphrase Tool is completely free
    • It delivers results quickly. The only time you’ll have to spend is the time it takes to look through the document and accept or reject the word changes
    • Documents can be rewritten as many times as necessary until you have the desired result
    • It saves time and effort
    • This tool is great for SEO purposes

    This tool can be used to quickly and easily rewrite an article on any topic that catches your interest.